Princess and Fairy Parties

"Every child dreams of having a magical princess attend their party"

Well Fairydust Parties can help make that dream come true ......

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Our most popular and recommended party package is our 2 hour Princess Party.
Read below for a detailed description of what is included

Our popular 2 hour Party!

What do we include in the two hours?



Before the party starts the entertainer will arrive at the venue around 20 minutes before the party begins, giving her time to set up, get ready and spend a few minutes with the birthday girl making her feel extra special and having time to bond before all the guests arrive.

The Entertainer will arrive as themselves and will need somewhere to get changed and ready (nothing fancy, a bathroom or toilet will do just fine).

As soon as the party starts the you entertainer will remain in character getting to know the children as they all arrive (Name stickers are a great idea as this makes it much easy for the princess, especially with large groups of children.)

The entertainer will then sit all the guests down, introduce herself and tell a magic story of how she arrived, leading the children into a jam packed interactive role play adventure game which ends with the children casting a magical spell with fairydust and singing happy birthday.

This then leads into parachute games. We provide a parachute to play a number fun suitable games including fairy bubbles, cat and mouse and tickling crocodile.

After parachute time its time for a few quick games which will lead into a march around the room leading the children to food time (it is great to start setting this up during parachute time).

During food time your entertainer will be busy at work facepainting on the cheek of each guest. (For larger face paints we would need more time, however we can be hired just to facepaint for an event). If you didn’t want facepainting the other option is balloon modeling whilst the children are eating.

At the end of food time we will always help to host the cake time. Getting the childrens singing voices warmed up and leading into the birthday song.

After food time, its magic time! A perfect change to let the food go down. All the children will sit down and watch a short comedy magic show, which of course needs lots of help from all the guests to make the magic work. This will then lead into a quick sing along session, where your chosen characters will sing their favorite songs and your guests will get a chance to sing along aswell.

Then its time for dancing and more games, including musical bumps and statues. We will provide appropriate music, however if there are any specific songs then please don't hesitate to ask.

It is then time to say goodbye but before everyone goes our princess will be there for a goodbye photo opportunity. So it might be a good idea to bring your camera or to let any parents coming to bring a camera.


Where shall I have my party?


We are happy to provide entertainment in your own home providing you have enough space for all the children to sit happily in a large circle.

We have provided entertainment in all sorts of venues, church halls, school halls, leisure centers etc . However when looking for a venue, try to find somewhere suitable to the amount of guests attending. For example, having an extremely large hall for a small group of children can sometimes be a bad choice as it is harder to keep all the children together when there is so much space to run around.

Please remember if parents of the attending children are staying to watch then this is absolutely fine, but please be respectful of the entertainer and children trying to enjoy to party. We love having you watch the party aswell, but talking and chattering in the background can be very distracting for our entertainers and the children. If you wish to have a good old natter and chit chat then it would be great if you could do so outside or in another room.