Mums always have lots of questions, hopefully these FAQ's will help

How many children can attend a party?

Around 10 – 20 children is the perfect amount of guests to ensure that all the children can participate and fully enjoy the party.  If you are looking to have over 25 guests then please let us know before hand so we can make suitable arrangements.


When do we break for food?

We find that half way through the party is the best time to stop for food so the children have enough time to build up an appetite and re-energize. This also allows you plenty of time to sort out any last minute food preparations. During food time the entertainer will carry on entertaining your guests with either face painting or balloon modeling.  At the end of lunch we will help with the cake, birthday song and blowing out of the candles, and then carry on with the 2nd half of the party.


Can we have the party at home?

You can have the party wherever you like providing that there is enough space for the number of invited guests. We can adapt our party formats to suit your guests but there must be enough room for all the children to sit in a circle comfortably, to ensure there is enough room for all the party games.


We have a mix of ages attending the party, is this ok?

That’s absolutely fine. Our parties are mainly aimed at the ages 4 – 6, however children slightly older and younger can also enjoy the majority of the games. If you are having a have a party for under 4’s or over 6’s then that is no problem, just let us know when booking and we will adapt the party layout to fully suit the ages of the guests.


Do you provide prizes for the games?

Most of our games don’t require or include prizes apart from pass the parcel, which we will provide. However, if you want to provide prizes for your guests then you are more than welcome to.


My child has an allergy; do I need to let you know?

The only confectionary we provide is a small chocolate in the pass the parcel game. If any children have specific allergies to chocolate then just let us know in advance and we can make additional changes to suit the guests needs.


How long does it take to set up for the party?

The entertainer will arrive at the party venue 20/15 minutes before the party starts to give us time to set up and organize the games. The entertainer will arrive in normal clothes so they will need somewhere where they can get changed before the party starts. It also works well if no children see the entertainer before the party starts so that everything is still 100% magical!


What face paint do you use at the party?

We use the well-established professional brand snazaroo. This easily comes off with soap and water. But if you are worried about any skin allergies then feel free to read the info on the snazaroo website.



Do I need to hire any other entertainment eg bouncy castle?

There is no need for you to hire any other entertainment. From experience sometimes this can be more of a distraction from the main party entertainment and can make it harder for the party to run smoothly. Our parties are extremely engaging, interactive and fast moving so there is no need for any other activities.


My child has something specific she wants involved. Can this be incorporated?

Absolutely no problem, whether it’s a specific game, singing or dancing to a certain song or learning a specific dance routine then just let us know. We aim to structure the party to suit and entertain the birthday child as much as we can and we love fulfilling certain requests.


What children’s characters can you provide?

We mainly provide princesses and fairies. Including Frozen’s Anna and Elsa to more traditional princesses such as Cinderella, Snow white, Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Tinkerbell, Ariel or a general magic fairy entertainer.  However if you have any other specific theme or character then just let us know and we will see if we can accommodate you.


Can you entertain at other events other than birthdays?

Of course, we have 10 years experience entertaining at a variety of different events including weddings, christenings, communions and faires.

As long as there are children that need entertaining we can help.


What do you include in the party?

We provide a mixture of games and activities to ensure we entertain all the guests. We include traditional party games, pass the parcel, an interactive magical story adventure, parachute games, puppet show, magic show, face painting or balloon modeling, dancing, singing and photo opportunity time with the entertainer.


Can parents watch the party?

Yes this is no problem; parents are more than welcome to watch the entertainment. However we please ask that they keep the noise down and if they wish to chat and talk then to do so in another room as this can distract the children and ruin the magical party atmosphere.  We’ve known parties where the adults are much louder than the children, and as much as it is great that they are also having a good time, it's not fair on the children trying to enjoy the party.


My child is very shy. Will they enjoy the party?

Shyness is extremely common and not a problem. As soon as the entertainer is ready and in costume they will try to spend a few minutes with the birthday child before the guests arrive. This helps build a trust and a bond with the entertainer and helps them feel fully comfortable and at ease with their chosen character before everyone arrives. This also helps the birthday child feel that little bit more special on their special day.


How do we pay for the party?

We ask that you pay a small deposit before hand to book the party. This can be done online through paypal or a posted cheque.

 The party can be paid for in advance via paypal or on the day in cash or a cheque. (Please note that no parties are officially booked in until we have recieved your deposit)


Can you do parties mid week.

Yes we can. Parties are mainly popular on weekends however we are happy to do mid week parties. Whether this is in the evening, after school has finished or in the day during school holidays, just let us know.


If you have any additional questions that we may have missed then send us a quick message and we will try to answer you as soon as possible